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The Finest Sober Living in Delray Beach

Of course you want to know that A&E believes in Royal Recovery Resources top quality services. Click here for assurance that you too can SEE and Believe!

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    Upon intake, you are provided a FREE consult at a local Social Service Agency (transportation is provided) to address any psychiatric or medication needs.

    Family Apartment

    We offer your family the opportunity to stay for free in an apartment when they travel to South Florida to visit you at Royal Recovery Resources.  We invite them to reserve a space on our calendar and look forward to the opportunity to meet them as we all celebrate your sobriety and recovery

    Royal Recovery Resources offers a structured living environment along with access to outpatient aftercare services based upon your level of need. We provide resources that will empower you to get the life you deserve. One of the keys to success is mutual community involvement and a sense of belonging. We want you to be PROUD of where you live, your housemates, and yourself. Being surrounded with people that are positive, supportive, and working hard to achieve many of the same goals, makes early recovery fun and successful. It is our goal to make all of this possible for you.


    Programs for Growth in Recovery

    Whether you have been a part of recovery in the past, are coming directly from treatment, or embarking on this journey for the first time, our resources, activities, amenities, aftercare services, and qualified support staff was created for YOU. They are the best you will find in any sober living community.

    The first 90 days, especially the first 30 days, are the most difficult times in sobriety. The support, structure, and individualized services provided in treatment must be continued in a First Class Sober Living Environment. You have made an investment to gain your life back. You must continue investing in yourself and treat yourself with the Love, Support, Respect and Royal Services that are necessary to guarantee your success.

    Our goal is to keep you active with every resource that you need so that you learn that you do not have to use substances to have fun.

    We offer various outpatient treatment services that provide individualized structure that is geared towards creating your independence. The Treatment Provider accepts insurance. This provides the necessary gradual transition recommended by all treatment facilities. Whether it is PHP, IOP, Outpatient or Resource Trainings we have a solution for YOU!

    We believe that your life is priceless and that there is no other way than the Royal Recovery Way.

    Delray Beach, Florida is the ideal home for you to begin living your clean, sober, fun, successful lifestyle. Often you feel anxiety, fear, disconnected, and alone when entering a new environment. You are guaranteed to feel welcome by our friendly, caring staff and residents. Our staff also serves as mentors as they have a personal understanding of the unique struggles of addiction and many years of professional experience in addiction recovery.

    We promote sober social involvement and FUN AND LAUGHTER IS REQUIRED. You will never be bored at Royal Recovery Resources. Our Community Townhome location was chosen for YOU to have access to shopping, dining, schooling, employment, volunteer opportunities, public transportation, 12-Step Meetings, entertainment, and the beach in the palm of your hands.


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    South Florida Area

    Your Resource to Recovery


    We are the perfect solution.
    for a gradual transition from treatment to sober living with our unique program and resources.

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